A successful test of an Indian missile that hit its target with high accuracy in the Arabian Sea (video)


India successfully carried out, on Sunday, the test launch of a hypersonic naval “Brahmos” missile, according to the Indian Military Research and Development Activities Authority.

The authority indicated in a statement that the launch was carried out from the ship of the “Chennai” stealth destroyer of the Indian Navy, adding that the missile hit the target in the Arabian Sea with high accuracy.

India has in recent times carried out a series of new missile tests, including the “Brahmos” winged missile, which can hit targets located 400 km from the launch point, the near-range tactical “Shaurya” hypersonic missile, and the newly developed “Smart” anti-submarine missile. , In addition to reports of successful tests of the “Rodram-1” anti-radiation missile, and the “Bretkhvi-2” ballistic missile.

Source: Novosti

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