“A week to revise the draft agreement” .. Egypt announces the results of the Al-Now dam negotiations


08:07 PM

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Books – Ahmed Massad:
The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation announced that a meeting was held for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Water Resources and Irrigation from “Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia” chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, with the participation of observers from the members of the African Union, the European Union and the United States of America Bureau, in order to discuss how to re-launch negotiations About the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

During the meeting, Egypt stressed the importance of implementing the decisions of the AU Bureau’s meetings by reaching a binding legal agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam and achieving the common interests of the three countries and securing their water interests.

The meeting ended with a decision that the brotherly Sudanese side, as the country that holds the rotating presidency of the meetings of the three countries, calls for holding meetings for a period of one week with the aim of completing the compilation and revision of the draft of the Renaissance Dam agreement, which the three countries had begun preparing during the last round of negotiations, from In order to consult on the best way to manage the negotiations during the coming period.

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