“A will in the bag” … a surprise in the death of a woman who fell from the 14th floor of an arbitrator


4:02 PM

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Alexandria – Muhammad Amer:

The Mansheya Prosecution Office in Alexandria, under the supervision of Counselor Mahmoud El-Ghaish, the General Advocate of the East Alexandria Public Prosecution, has begun an investigation into the fall of a woman from the 14th floor of the Courts Complex.

The investigations revealed that the woman left a will in her handbag, including distributing her estate to orphans and repairing the roofs of homes for the most needy families in the villages.

Investigations revealed that the deceased was suffering from a mental illness, and had been treated for 7 months, while she was suspected of suicide by jumping from the fourteenth floor of the Courts Complex.

Major General Sami Ghoneim, Assistant Minister and Director of Alexandria Security, had received a notification from the Mansheya Police Department that a woman had fallen from the 14th floor of the Courts Complex on the Corniche Road, and died.

The commissioner and officers of the department moved, and the examination revealed that “Manal M.A.M.”, 51 years old, an engineer, resides in the Rushdi area in Sidi Jaber.

A report was issued on the incident in the Mansheya Police Department. The prosecution ordered an autopsy, emptying surveillance cameras, and a questioning of court guards.

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