“Abu Wadih” is new … a decision from the Public Prosecution office on someone accused of terrorizing citizens


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Thursday 29 October 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Counselor Ashraf al-Maghribi, the attorney general of the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, ordered an unemployed prisoner of 15 days pending investigations, on charges of terrorizing citizens and passers-by in the Ard al-Fuli region, and possession of a white weapon without a license.

Al-Raml Police Department received a second report from residents of Ard Al-Fuli area in Dhahriya, according to what was monitored by surveillance cameras.

Major Mustafa El-Shewi, Assistant Detective of the Raml Police Department, accompanied by a security force, moved to the al-Balagh site, and it became clear that the so-called “Islam LLH”, 32 years old, is unemployed, residing in Amin Naguib Street, and has recorded criminal information, in the Al-Tariq River, famously. Two weapons.

The accused threw the two weapons from his hand on the ground, and ran away, trying to flee when he saw the police forces, but the forces chased him, and managed to seize him in one of the side streets, and he found no other prohibitions with him.

The examination revealed that the accused is wanted for arrest in the report No. 9778 of 2020, Administrative Officer of Al-Raml, issued on October 17 this year, on the report of the so-called “Morsi. The accused is on him.

The necessary report was drawn up in the second Raml Police Department, and the Public Prosecution ordered the accused be detained for 15 days, seized the weapon seized in his possession, and requested the investigations investigation into the incident.

On October 20, the Montazah Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria ruled that the accused “FMD”, known as Abu Wadih, the owner of the “Sword and the Dog” video, was imprisoned for two years with work and force on charges of bullying.

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