Adel Imam’s request was rejected and he attended the Israeli embassy ceremony … Ali Salem’s story with the leader


Writer Ali Salem refused to appear in Adel Imam’s film “The Embassy in Architecture,” which ironically dealt with the contradictions in political life towards the Israeli ambassador in Cairo.

Chief Adel asked Ali Salem to lead the character of Ali Salem as he is in reality.Ali Salem was not rejected at first and asked for time to think, and then he refused, according to Voice of the Ummah in 2005.

At the same time that Ali Salem refused to appear in the movie “The Embassy in Architecture”, he agreed to attend the celebration of the Israeli embassy in 2005 in Maadi under heavy security.

Ali Salem told “Voice of the Nation” that he did not find a justification this year 2005 to boycott the celebration because conditions have become much better, and that his role as a peace activist requires him to attend in addition to the personal affection that he has for Mrs. Evat Reshef, who if he asks her for a visa to Israel, she will go By herself to hand it over to him.

The events of “The Embassy in Amara” revolve around the engineer (Sherif Khairy) who works for an oil company in Dubai, and is forced to return to Egypt after an absence of twenty years, to be surprised that the Israeli embassy is next to his apartment and tries hard to sell the apartment at the beginning, but his failure makes him deal with the matter In different ways.


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