After 30 years, Amr Diab meets his first fiancee at Amir Shaheen’s wedding


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The great singer Amr Diab revived the wedding of the artist Amir Shaheen, on the montira Menna Jaballah, which is currently being held in one of the major hotels overlooking the Nile in Cairo.

The ceremony witnessed an interview that had been absent for more than 30 years, between Amr Diab and Mrs. Inas Shaheen, sister of the artist Elham Shaheen, and the first fiancee of the plateau, in the period before fame and success.

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab got engaged to Elham’s sister in 1988, and as a result, the latter used him in his first dramatic work, the film The Two Prisoners, but the engagement did not last long, and it was annulled because of the age difference between the two parties. If the plateau was 27 years old, while Ines was 17 years old.

In one of her television statements, Elham Shaheen revealed the details of the annulment of the engagement, saying: “Amr Diab and Inas my sister got engaged, and after that, I got a share. I may have asked the passport, I know, maybe I disagreed on any need.”

A little while ago, the wedding of the artist Amir Shaheen, brother of Elham Shaheen and Menna Jab Allah, began nearly 20 days after announcing his engagement in a simple ceremony on the seashore.

A source close to the newlyweds mentioned the details of the wedding, telling “them” that the ceremony will be held in a hotel in Greater Cairo, not the North Coast, as some traded during the past hours, as the ceremony began at eight in the evening until three in the next morning.

He pointed out that the newlyweds stressed the attendance by not accompanying children, and entering with official invitations only, following up that a large number of artists were invited, at their head: Hala Sidqi, Hani Salama, Fifi Abdo and Bossi Shalaby, adding: “Hani Salama is with his groom owner in Al Farah preparations.”

Amir Shaheen said in his first statement after his engagement, that he is happy with the great joy he feels, from all those around him, whether from within the artistic community or the public.

In statements to Al-Watan, he confirmed that our Lord honored him with his fiancee, as a result of the supplications of his late mother and sister Ilham, whom he considers his mother.

Amir, last month, celebrated his engagement to Menna Jaballah, sister of producer Ahmed Abdel Atti’s wife, on the northern coast in the presence of a number of artists, including Hala Sidqi, Hana Shiha, and others.

Some video clips, which were shared by the media, Bossi Shalaby, revealed the details of the engagement ceremony, which was held on the northern coast, in the presence of family and close friends. The newlyweds and the audience shine in quiet and simple clothes, far from the usual formal and saris, which corresponds to the timing and place of the celebration.

It is noteworthy that Amir Shaheen, who had a great love story with the late artist Mirna Al-Muhandis, revealed the secrets of his love affair with the late artist, Mirna Al-Mohandes. Amir added that Mirna is the love of his life, expressing his deep sadness at her departure, and stated that he tried to relate again but failed, because of his pride despite the attempts of his sister Ilham: “You weigh on me every day and you will marry me.”

He emphasized that “the engineer” began her illness journey when she was fourteen years old, until she passed away 3 years ago, and she was still in her thirties.


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