After 54 years … an unnoticed mistake by Souad Hosni in the movie “Saghira Ala Al Hob” news


“Small for Love” is considered one of the Egyptian cinema hallmarks and one of the most important films that achieved great success since its release in 1966 until now.

The film brings together art giants such as Rushdi Abaza, Souad Hosni, Samir Ghanem and Nadia Al-Jundi, and although the film was a great success at the time of its release and so far after 54 years, the film contained some errors that may have made viewers lose their enjoyment of watching.

This error appears in one of the scenes that shows Souad Hosni in the first shot while she is completely wet with water outside the house, after Nour al-Demerdash threw water on her, but immediately after entering the house, we were surprised that her clothes became dried!

Small for love
Small for love

The film revolves around “Kamal”, a well-known TV director, who is looking for a little girl to star in the new show that he is working on. The director announces a competition to choose a girl as the hero of the upcoming show. Samiha decides to disguise himself as a child without the knowledge of her fiance and her family, and she succeeds in passing The test, but in return it falls into many comic ironies.

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