After an argument with the lawyer of the Olympic Committee … Murtaza Mansour’s appeal hearing was lifted


02:50 PM

Sunday 18 October 2020

Books – Mahmoud El Shorbagy:

A verbal altercation erupted between Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, who was removed from the Olympic Committee, and the lawyer of the latter in the State Council while the first appealed against his dismissal decision, prompting the president of the court to adjourn the session until the situation calmed down.

Mansour had arrived at the headquarters of the Administrative Judiciary Court in the State Council to attend the consideration of the appeal that he had submitted and demanded that the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee to compel the management of the Zamalek Club to call for a general assembly to elect a new president for the club, instead of Mortada Mansour, who was suspended from practicing Any sporting activity for 4 years.

The lawsuit, No. 2015 of the 75 judicial year, was concluded by the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Hisham Hatab, Chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

The lawsuit was based on the ruling issued in April 2019 in lawsuits No. 1716 and 4323, nullifying and canceling all decisions of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, regarding the suspension of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Mansour” for a period of two years.

The lawsuit confirmed that the court had previously confirmed that the Olympic Committee has no mandate to issue decisions that include penalties for the heads of sports clubs, and accordingly the court annulled the decisions of the committee issued regarding the absence of the president of Zamalek for a period of two years and preventing him from attending matches and signing correspondence as well as transmitting team matches. In various games outside the club’s stadiums.

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