After Europe .. what do we expect?


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– The issue is no longer one of Wanis’ stories, and the indications are dangerous, and she says that Europe has closed its doors to those coming to it. The indicators of the second wave announce the ferocity of the virus, after it began to reap huge numbers of Europeans, and you can imagine that for the first time in European history the daily infection rate is 200,000. Of course, whoever hears of infections with these frightening numbers will not believe, then what do we expect after the case. in Europe?

– The world is crying out for the ferocity of the second wave, and it is unreasonable for us to be isolated from it, and it becomes a statistic that differs from them, while what happens to the world will certainly affect us, we may be less than them, not by virtue of our geographic situation, but our wisdom and adherence to the precautionary measures are among the reasons that brought us to numbers Weak injuries, as the government did not calm the warnings and the level of awareness began to increase. This is why the size of the injury tends to go down, but will our ability continue until the end of the second wave .. That is the question.

– In Europe, and specifically in Naples, one of the Italian cities, its people went out in demonstrations against the curfew, and these demonstrations spread to a number of Italian cities during which the demonstrators announced their acceptance of any instructions except the closure of commercial activities, so they raised banners reading the phrase “Close … Pay »means closing shops requires you to compensate the owners with money, in order for them to live. Although these countries receive financial aid from the European Union, we are the ones who compensate us for the value of the economic losses that result from the curfew, of course, the state, but no matter how much it contributes to the homes of workers affected by the closure, it will not be able to bear long. Irregular workers that do not have fixed wages, in response to the harsh conditions they are exposed to, and if the matter continues for a month or two, the state will not be able to bear the rest of the year.

– We do not want to become like France, which a few days ago began imposing a curfew, and the French police forces are carrying out violent measures with those who are not committed to the precautionary measures, and you can imagine the French police attacking apartments in Paris, a group of friends at an evening or a dinner party, interferes with them Police forces are dressed up, then escort them to the police station and release them after spending a night among pretrial detainees. Certainly, if this happened with us and the media adopted it, it would be a deterrent to sluggishness and chaos, but our government bears the luxury of people, and does not want to do what is happening in France, which closed its doors and prevented entry to its cities, not by air, sea, land or railway, very harsh measures in order to avoid the ferocity Corona.

– That is why I say: We want to do as England does, as it evaluates its cities according to the intensity of injuries and gives each city what it deserves to deal with, in opening its restaurants or shops. . The important thing is to purify itself from the virus, say, God willing, Egypt gets the highest points.

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