After he picked up his wife’s shoes … an Egyptian director responds to criticism – Think and Art – East and West


Egyptian director Khader Mohamed Khader, husband of actress Yasmine Abu El Naga, daughter of actress Naglaa Fathy, responded to the criticism that he was subjected to because of his photo with his wife during the opening activities of the El Gouna International Film Festival, where he was carrying her shoes.

Khader said, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The photo was taken, and we were going at 1:30 a.m. from the opening ceremony. We are not entering the opening ceremony, for sure, I will not enter the party.

He added, “We are the invitations, our invitations VIP They are not invitations to celebrities, because this is not what we enter on the red carpet with artists, this enters us from another door beside it there are no cameras, all there is is that after 6 hours of the concert, and we go out the exit door was crowded and all the people outside it (artists, non-artists and photographers And video cameras), and my times are sure, after 6 hours her leg is tired like any other woman. Her leg gets tired in any joy, so I took off the boots. “

He explained, “It is natural, manly, and polite, if I go down and answer the boot. I will not let me go inside among people for sure, and he has no need to blame me or reduce me. One of my house shafts is on her head for 15 years, will she not cut her 15 minutes?”



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