After her brother’s distress, the pioneers of social media are searching for the disappeared student Quesna


The disappearance of university student “Engy Gamal” sparked a state of controversy on social media; After her brother Dr. Muhammad Jamal appealed through his Facebook account, which announced the disappearance of his sister, a student in the second division of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Menoufia University, after leaving the house at 5 pm on Monday in Quesna.

Activists called on social media, after publishing their photos, to report any information that helps government agencies to quickly reach the pharmacy student, who disappeared in a street in the city of Quesna after spotting a camera riding a tuk-tuk that did not reveal the identity of its owner.

The hashtag #Doctor_Angie_Jamal_fin was on the top of the list of the most traded on the social networking site “Twitter”, and among the most prominent comments of the pioneers:

“This is not the first case of this week !! The issue is very frightening, group and it needs an escalation. I call her back with safety. Some.

I invite her to reach her family with safety, Lord, and he saw someone who knows about her any need, even a simple one, that knows her family. ”

Others said, “Dr. Angie Jamal at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Menoufia University .. has been absent from the house for two days and until now there is no news about her .. The last need for cameras came to her on Mido Street in Quesna .. Dr. Angie Jamal Rizk .. The sister of Dr. Muhammad Jamal Rizk from the dead Seraj !! “and” #Doctor_Angie_Jamal_Fine We need to know this tuk-tuk in Taa Main – Quesna Main Street. ”

Others added, “# Doctor Angie Jamal, where our Lord will return it in safety, without the theory of the conspiracy, and we give the investigation authorities the opportunity to search for it, and I am sure that the Ministry of Interior will not be stingy with any effort or tender in order to bring it back, and our Lord reassures her brother and her parents and takes her back in safety.” About the news of the disappearance of girls or children, and the issue remains terrifying and it is necessary for him to seriously stop it He is not a girl or your sister who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, but in a hate you may be your daughter or your sister. Our Lord is kind to us, and what hurts us is dear or dear and is in the help of her family.

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