After her return … Farah’s father, an Alexandria girl, tells the details of her absence … Video


Dr. Ibrahim, the father of Farah, who is absent in Alexandria, said that his daughter is stubborn and faces problems because she has a brother Autistic She also went to a lesson and her mother went to bring her and her autistic brother Omar was with her.

و .ضاف Ibrahim During a telephone intervention in a program that is taking place in Egypt, broadcast on MBC Egypt, that her mother is gone to her I left Omar in the car and then Omar hit his car bed until he gave peace to the teacher. Therefore, this situation greatly angered Farah.

Ibrahim explained, that this situation caused the Problems Many between Farah and her mother, especially as she was Transgress On Her brother And her mother, therefore, her mother beat her like any Mother.

He continued: I fall asleep early and wake up To pray Dawn and I stand up Awakened Farah and her sister Dew To perform Praying and then I did not find her in bed, and I found the door to the house open, and then I went to look for her and made a report to the emergency police.

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