After his appearance with Lourdiana … what did Omar Kamal say about the dancer Jawhara?


He raised the popular Egyptian artist Omar Kamal A wave of controversy after his recent appearance with the Brazilian dancer Lordiana Especially since he was always appearing with the Russian dancer jewel.

In this context, the festivals singer confirmed Omar KamalIn a special statement to the “seventh day” website, his choice of the Brazilian dancer Lordiana He came because she had a hit the past few days, so he and the festivals singer decided Beccas mother-in-law To be with them in their new song “Enta Mouallem” to please the audience, andLordiana On her eye,

As for the dancer jewel He confirmed Omar Kamal That it has not been dispensed with, there are other works that will be present in it.

And about the song “You are a teacher,” he stressed Omar Kamal It will be put on his YouTube channel, not a channel Beccas mother-in-lawAnd this came by agreement and mutual consent.

And Lordiana had in turn her followers, who increased their number from 200 thousand to about 800 thousand in a few days, by publishing a video clip of her dancing to the song “You are a teacher”.


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