After saving his father, the artist, Shadi Khafaja, thanked the captain of the acting professions and the officials


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The young artist, Shadi Khafaja, thanked Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the representative professions, and the government and officials, after responding to his complaint and helping him provide adequate health care for his father, after he wrote in a previous message through his Facebook account, that his father went into a coma after suffering a crisis Major health due to medical negligence.

“Khafaja” wrote a short while ago, through his Facebook account: “My parents are fine. Praise be to God, all of our Lord. He never deprives me of you.

And he continued: “And I thank Dr. Ashraf Zaki, whoever I talk about, I will not fulfill his right or the effort he is doing with all the Syndicate members, and I thank the Prime Minister’s office, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, and the media office of the Ministry of Health, who will not be there for a moment.”

He added, “I thank the advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Mujahid, and the President of Ain Shams University, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Matini, who did not spare any effort or support.”

He concluded, saying: “It is true that I was shocked by the reaction and the response of the government and the ministry .. We received the case and the necessary action was done by the administration of the Nasser Institute Hospital.”

Khafaja had published his father’s medical reports and attached with them pictures of his father’s wound and the result that his father’s wound had attained to, and wrote: “I don’t want my father to die, please help me. Yesterday, my father started dying and lost consciousness and he began to go into a coma.” “My father dies,” Ali replied, “What do I do?” The surgeon who performed a polluted operation tells the eyes what to do with him !?

He continued, “My father entered a chest operation and installed a network on August 5 in a hospital … and they installed me. They told me to pay 25 thousand pounds for insurance, and whoever remains with you will receive a refund, I was surprised after the operation with a bill of 90 thousand pounds. 30% of the amount, and increase the thousand of their good faithfully, and our Lord bless them. ”

Khafaja added, “Parents, Fadl followed up with the surgeon … in his clinic and in the hospital, and fatherly injured him without improvement with loss of appetite and a general state of physical fatigue due to the fact that the wound was very contaminated from the operation, and the result was that the doctor requested his reservation and entering operations again in a hospital … A second time, it cost us 10,000 pounds for (one day only) and went out to the house, and from that day the doctor sold a nurse who changed the wound and followed up with him, but without success or improvement.

Khafaja concluded his speech by saying: “My father literally dies from me, and I am not able to do what I and my sisters are. … and my father, Ramin, is in a room in which there are 6 patients without air conditioning or a fan, which is very dangerous for the wound in this atmosphere, and there is no patient who does not have intravenous feeding solutions, nor is there a surgeon who examines the condition of the wound and the infection that he reached as a result of the operation, and the doctor himself The one who handled the operation did not want to come to see his case even though he was also working in a hospital ..

It is worth noting that Shadi Khafaga is the brother of the young artist Fadi Khafaga, and the artist Hadi Khafaga.

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