After the “disgraceful behavior” … Aguero is ready to apologize on condition


وصرح GuardiolaWith the withdrawal of what Sky Sports reported, Saturday, that he did not speak with Aguero Regarding his behavior, but he assured his confidence that if the assistant expressed her feeling of damage, the player would definitely apologize.

Aguero put his hand during the events of the Arsenal match, in the English Premier League, by placing his hand on the shoulder of assistant referee Sian Massey-Ellis, after she indicated in a joint ball a side throw for Arsenal

Reacting, Cyan raised her hand to push Agueros hand away from her.

Saiyan Machi, 35, is one of the most famous referees in football, and has participated in matches English Premier League Since 2010, it has won the MBE Football Service Award in 2017.

A lot of former players, soccer experts, and fans have launched across Social media The various teams attacked Aguero hard, and the player also won many new opponents from the women’s side,

Guardiola tried to contain the situation last week, when he said that the Argentine Aguero does not have bad intentions, indicating that this type of friction is common in football stadiums.

And confirmed in new statements that he knows Aguero well, describing him as “a big and modest star at the same time,” asserting that he is the kindest person he has met in his life.

He continued: “Look for problems in situations other than these,” stressing that the important thing (the touch incident) is the intention, which he stressed is normal and not bad.


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