After the “meteorological” warnings … “traffic” advice and instructions are given to motorists in times of rain and torrents (Infograph)


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The General Traffic Department has raised the state of emergency, in coordination with traffic departments in various governorates, in preparation for the country’s exposure to a state of instability in weather conditions, starting Monday and continuing until Thursday, according to the forecasts of the Meteorological Authority.

The administration headed by Major General Mahmoud Abdel Razek, Director of the General Traffic Department, stressed the services by the necessity of constant vigilance on the highways and secondary roads, and the connection with the operations room of the Central Administration in Nasr City, and called on citizens to follow some general instructions before moving by car in the event of a fog or when it rains, along with some instructions Public on the roads to prevent accidents.

The administration issued a set of tips for safe driving in heavy winds, heavy rain or torrents:
1- Taking into account traveling at a speed commensurate with the sight distance that enables you to safely stop.
2- The use of non-dazzling lights, day or night.
3- Double the safety distance between your car and the car in front of you.
4- Using rain wipers to remove water accumulation on the front and rear windshields of the car.
5- Taking into account the presence of good ventilation inside the car, so that a water fog does not form inside the car.
6- Not to use a mobile phone while driving.
7- Not going against the direction because it exposes you to danger and accidents.
8- Increased attention while driving in bad weather conditions.
9- If there are faults or, God forbid, accidents, please call Traffic Relief numbers 01221110000

Driving tips when there is a water jet on the road:
1- The best advice to prevent the dangers of fog is to postpone your trip until it is completed and you have clear vision.
2- Lighting all lights so that the headlight is in the low position, and using fog lights, if any.
3- Using waiting lights during the fog, so that it is visible to others.
4- Open your car windows to a degree that prevents condensation of water inside.
5- Your speed must be within what the vision allows, and not within the legal speed limit, so that you can stop when you see the danger before hitting it.
6- Use rain wipers.
7- Use the alarm machine intermittently until others feel your presence.
8- Not to stop in the Al-Shaboura area.
9 – In the event that your car breaks down in the area where the fog is located … hasten to spare it the far right side and completely away from the road river, with all lights switched on and the warning triangle installed behind the car and not to get off the car or your companions to avoid being exposed to danger.
10- The fog is often intermittent and moving, so the speed should not be changed if there is a dash.
11- Double the safety distance between you and the car in front of you.
12- Walk in the middle of the road, guided by the white lines.
13- Do not overtake another car.
14- The traffic man performs his work to achieve security and safety for you, so follow his advice until you reach your family safely.
15- When there are malfunctions or, God forbid, accidents, please call the traffic relief numbers.

An official source in the General Authority of Meteorology announced that there was a state of instability in the middle of this week.

In statements to (Al-Masry Al-Youm), the source confirmed that there is rain in many regions of the country, according to forecast schedules.

The tables of the Meteorological Authority predictions indicate that there will be rain on Monday, October 19 on the northwestern coast, and the chance of rain is (30%), and on Tuesday, the chance of rain will increase to (50%).

On Wednesday, the chance of rain will fall on Greater Cairo (30%), Lower Egypt (50%), the northwestern coasts (70%), the northeastern coasts and central Sinai (40%) and northern Upper Egypt (20%).

As for Thursday, the chances of rainfall increase in Cairo (50%), Lower Egypt (60%), the northwestern coasts (70%), the northeastern coasts and central Sinai (50%) and northern Upper Egypt (30%).

The source pointed out that there is a statement of the situation to be issued, but with its approaching and informing the relevant agencies of this.

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