After the Nice attack … European Union leaders call for “interfaith dialogue”


After the Nice attack ... European Union leaders are calling for



Leaders of EU member states called for interfaith dialogue after an attack in the French city of Nice, which French authorities said was a terrorist act.

“We call on world leaders to seek dialogue and understanding between societies and religions, and not division,” a statement by European Union leaders said on Thursday.

The leaders of the Union countries condemned the Nice attack, considering it an attack on our common values, and they offered condolences to the French people.

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Johnson: The UK stands firmly with France against terrorism and intolerance

The leaders emphasized the need to continue fighting terrorism and extremism.

This comes after an armed attack with a knife on a church in Nice, southern France, killing 3 people and wounding a number of others. Authorities said the attacker was chanting “God is Great” during the attack.

The attack was committed against the backdrop of angry reactions in Muslim countries to the publication of insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in France and the statements of President Emmanuel Macron regarding “Islamic extremism” in the wake of the killing of a French teacher who was displaying these cartoons during his lessons.

Source: Novosti

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