After Wydad .. Ahmed Fathy concludes his career with Al-Ahly on October 31 in front of Al-Talaa ‘


Ahmed Fathy will formally leave the ranks of the Al-Ahly club after the confrontation of the Vanguards of the Army scheduled for October 31 at the Military Sports Authority Stadium, at the end of the Egyptian Premier League competitions, as that match will be the last of the “Joker” with the red giant before He moves to the Pyramids team, which signed the player for the next 3 years, after the player’s contract with Al-Ahly expired.

Ahmed Fathy participated in his last African matches with Al-Ahly, against Moroccan Wydad, which was held this evening Friday at Cairo International Stadium, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which ended with the victory of the Red Genius 3/1, to qualify for the final match after winning back and forth with a score of 5 / 1, as Ahmed Fathy was unable to participate in the final match of the tournament scheduled for next November 6, due to the fact that the player will be on the Pyramids list.

Al-Ahly scored a hat-trick against Wydad, Marawan Mohsen, Hussein Al-Shahat and Yasser Ibrahim, while Baher Al-Murtaji scored for Wydad, and Al-Ahly is waiting for the winner from Zamalek and Moroccan Raja, where it meets Egyptian and Moroccan champions on November 1 in the semi-final second leg after Zamalek won with a clean goal in Morocco.

Al-Ahly played the match with a formation consisting of: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Ahmed Fathi, Muhammad Hani, Amr Al-Sulayyah, Diang, Hussein Al-Shahat, Junior Ajay, Muhammad Majdi Qafsha and Marwan Mohsen, while the Wydad formation included: Reda Tijnaouti, Yahya Jabbani, Kasengu Kazadi, Ismail Al-Haddad, Ibrahim Najm Al-Din, Yahya Atiyatallah, Badi Awok, Walid Al-Karti, Ayman Al-Hasouni, Abdul-Latif Naseer and Ibrahima Kumara.


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