Age is just a number .. Know the real age of Samira Said and Najwa Karam


A picture of the star Samira Saeeda, next to it is a picture of Najwa Karam, where she commented on that photo and said age is just a number.

The real age of the artist Samira Said and Najwa Karam:

The world celebrities page stated that the Moroccan actress Samira Said is 62 years old, while the actress Najwa Karam is 54 years old.

Where the Moroccan artist Samira Said said that she started in the artistic field from a young age and continued her work as a singer about 40 years ago and indicated that she is not ashamed of her real age as she is over 60 years old.

Najwa Karam also revealed her age for the first time through the Carpool Karaoke Arabic program, and she said I was born in 1966 and in 1985 I started singing in the nights of Lebanon and have continued singing since that time.

On the other hand, the artist Samira Said and Najwa Karam participate in the jury of the “The Voice senior program” with the artist Hani Shaker and the artist Melhem Zein, which helps that program give the opportunity to stardom after the passage of sixty.

Where the competitors present some of the shots that work to dazzle the viewers and coaches to obtain the title in the end. The program consists of 7 episodes in 3 stages and is under the supervision of the four coaches.

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