Ahmed Ali leads the Enppi attack in the face of Al-Ahly


Enppi coach Helmy Tolan announced the formation of his team to face Al-Ahly in the 32nd round of the Premier League competition.

Enppi formation to face Al-Ahly consists of:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Gad.

Defense line: Ali Fawzi – Osama Galal – Rami Sabry – Karim Fouad.

Midfield: Mohamed Rizk – Hamid Mao – Abdel Rahman Amer – Tonya De Liu.

Offensive line: Mahmoud Qaoud – Ahmed Ali.

And sitting on the bench: Abdel Aziz Al-Balouti – Ibrahim Yahya – Salah Suleiman – Muhammad Basyouni – Omar Bassam – Ahmed Abdel Aziz – Ahmed Al-Agouz – Omar Saviola – Abdel Rahman Emad.


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