Ahmed Bilal, on the postponement of the African Final: It hurts Egyptian football and Al-Ahly specifically


Ahmed Bilal, the star of Al-Ahly and the former national team, said that the decision of the Confederation of African Football, “enough” to postpone the final match of the African Champions League, as well as the semi-final match scheduled for the two teams of Zamalek and Moroccan Raja, is not beneficial for Egyptian football, especially Al-Ahly because it is going through a good period of brilliance. And postponing the final match is not in the red team’s interest.

Bilal added, in statements to the seventh day, that it is necessary to confront those who are plotting against the interest of Egyptian football, as the African Union “has happened and there is nothing wrong” with its flawed decisions.

And by moving to Zamalek The decision will also harm the team, because it is in a state of euphoria after winning the first-leg match, and the spacing of matches will affect the level of preparation and reduce the spirit of victory.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) decided to postpone the final of the African Champions League, as well as the rematch in the semi-final between Zamalek and Moroccan Raja for an indefinite period. According to BALKF sources, the final will take place on the 27th of this month, and the Zamalek apparatus explained that Abdel Shafi Currently, he started the last stage in order to return to the team’s training after the injury that kept him away from the team throughout the last period, as he was suffering from a fracture of the collarbone, where Dr. Muhammad Osama, head of the Zamalek medical system, to the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the technical director of the team, explained that Abdel Shafi when the fracture healing rate reached 100% will be ready to participate in the training, and it is expected that this will happen during the next few days, as his condition is monitored periodically through x-rays every week in order to check on his condition.


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