Ahmed El-Sakka: Tamer Hosni worked with me, a situation that does not happen … and your problems are many


11:41 PM

Friday 09 October 2020


The artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, arrived on Friday evening as guest of the first episodes of the program “The Biography” presented by Wafa Al-Kilani.

In response to the program’s presenter’s question: “When was the last time you thought that your brother’s brother had come out, not your brother?” Al-Sakka said: “You know that I am becoming a fetishist and I will not say, but this time I will say, I am in a state of upset with him and even now I say, I am upset with Tamer Hosni, I love Tamer very much, and if I don’t love him, I won’t be upset with him. “

He added: “You are upset with him because he is in the movie (money) and he told me that he wanted me to do a scene with him, which is the truth. He was a compliment to me in the series (Walad Al Ghalaba), and after what the scene did to him, I was surprised that the film came out. It is starring Tamer and Ahmed Al-Sakka and his picture is on the board. I told him what is happening, once he said the countries of the Fans, and once he said the countries of the producing company, I told him that I do not know any of them, Tamer.

And did this situation affect your relationship with Tamer? .. So al-Sakka was asked and replied, saying: “You will not be affected .. If he meets me now and says two sweet words, the subject will be concluded .. But I got upset, because I could not work on it like that, it is not like that, and it was With his hand, he forbids this talk, but what happened and I forgave you, Tamer, but your problems increased. “

“The money” is directed by Saeed Al-Marouq, the script and dialogue of Muhammad Abdul-Moati, and the story of Tamer Hosni. Khaled Al-Sawy, Zina, Aisha bin Ahmed, and Muhammad Salam are co-starring with Tamer Hosni.

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