Ahmed Fahmy: “My hubby has tied the boots to here, so that he can say to me


08:18 PM

Sunday 25 October 2020

A satirical post written by actor Ahmed Fahmy, this afternoon, Sunday, through his account on “Twitter”, which provoked great reactions from his followers.

Fahmy wrote: “God willing, we will go to a festival soon, and our Lord honors me.

Fahmy received many comments about his blog, including: “Shame O Fahmy,” “Fahmi, the cute man,” “You are a grain of mine, my understanding.” “Our Lord is pleased and blesses you in your life, and the evil of the eye and every need and desolation suffice for you,” and “Your intention is for a festival El Gouna, so you understand and do, “He commented on this comment, saying:” No, God is pure, “and others.

Artist Ahmed Fahmy married the artist Hana Zahid, and she celebrated on September 11, 2019, in the presence of a large number of art and media stars.

On the other hand, Ahmed Fahmy is preparing to shoot his new movie “Alia Brain” with the participation of actress Ruby.

The activities of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival began on the evening of Friday 23 October, amid the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the emerging corona virus (Covid 19), with the participation of a number of stars from different parts of the world.


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