Ahmed Fahmy’s dog is crying here Zahid .. and the artist: “I was afraid .. I sure were psychologically disturbed.”


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Artist Ahmed Fahmy complained about the jealousy of his wife, the artist, Hana Zahid, from his dog, “Zizi,” from the “Yorkshire” series, which reached the point of crying one night, expressing her annoyance at the interest of “Fahmy” in their pet. Long hours with his dog, which made “Fahmy” doubt her mental health and laughed at her being affected by his care for “Zizi”.

“Fahmy” said in the “Abla Fajita” program, broadcast on “ON” channel, when he was asked: “Tant, Zizi, her relationship, what are you doing here?” He commented: “They change from some very, Zizi. If I hold a hand here, do not want me to get her hands. And here, one time close to a month ago, I met her in the room, by God, I did not say any words.

He continued: “She was speaking very seriously, because I feared for myself. I said this was psychologically troubled, sure because he changed him from the dog.” And when he received a question about “the need that I took from you?” And you take a shower a little while I take a bath when I’m dirty, but I love going into swimming pools. ”He pointed out that he believed that the dogs take from the characteristics of their owners:“ I mean, the captor of Yassin, his dog, I think he speaks English, and Ahmed Al-Saqas dogs will be very stump when I talk to her. ”

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