Ahmed Flux sends a message to his wife: “I was lifeless!”


Since the artist Ahmed Flux announced his return to his wife and mother of his only son Saif, after a separation that lasted several years, he has always published pictures of his wife Rabia, and through which he tries to express his sweeping love for her.

And in the last of his pictures he published together on his private account in “Instagram”, Flux sent his wife a romantic message in which he said: “Whenever I see myself and my life after my return to you, I realize that I was lifeless and I am far from you … If I came back to your homeland, I am back. For myself, Becky … may God bless you and protect you, you and Saif … I love you and love my life while you are in it. ”

In the last period, Flux has been publishing his photos from inside a gym while he is practicing harsh exercises, showing that he has a sports body, which led many to say that he is preparing for a new work that carries the character of action.

On the other hand, Flux is currently filming his new series “Noah’s Ark”, in which he collaborates with the Jordanian artist Munther Rayahneh. It is scheduled to be shown at the beginning of the new year 2021, and it is written by Muhammad Al Shawaf and directed by Hussam Al-Gohary.


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