Ahmed Hassan enumerates Musimani’s merits and asks Al-Ahly to honor Ahmed Fathy


Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian national team, confirmed that the presence of Betso Seasoniani in the position of technical director was a very positive thing, and it appeared on the players’ condition, and Hassan said in statements through the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Egypt, “Filer after the Corona period caused a severe relaxation But Musimani has ambition and great motivation, and he wants to achieve a championship with Al-Ahly club, so the team showed a good level against Wydad.“.

Al-Saqr added, “The character of Al-Ahly club was strongly present in the Wydad matches, especially the first-leg match, and in the second leg, the team appeared well and quieter .. Musimani knew a lot about Al-Ahly, and knew a lot about the team and the players, which facilitated the coach’s assignment with the team.”“.

Hassan added, “In the first meeting, Al-Ahly played with high pressure, but in the second leg, the team appeared in a calm state, especially after the goal of Marwan Mohsen .. Hussein Al-Shahat also shone and he possesses high abilities, and he scored a wonderful goal although Qafsha was next to him, but the result of the match contributed to Scoring this goal, and Al-Ahly does not want to forfeit the tournament. “.

Ahmed Hassan asserted that “Al-Ahly makes coaches, and any coach capable of crowning a football championship must be promoted. The criticism directed at former coach Rene Fyler is not good, and Al-Ahly deserves to reach the final match.”“.

Ahmed Hassan added that Ahmed Fathy, the player of Al-Ahly and the transfer to Pyramids, had performed well with the red team, and deserves appreciation and honor from the Al-Ahly club, saying, “I am sad about Fathi’s departure and his failure to join the final match of the African Champions League.“.

Al-Saqr added, “Ahmed Fathy deserves to be honored, and these are the traditions of the Al-Ahly club, good relations with everyone. He dealt with manhood and honor and did not fail with the Al-Ahly club, and he committed until the last moment. As for the subject of social media and the criticism directed at Fathy, it is not good. He never deviated from the text, far from choosing to leave for another club“.

Hassan pointed out that “Ahmed Fathy is distinguished by manliness and professionalism, and he is a good model for Egyptian players, as he fights until the last second with the Al-Ahly club, and I wish to honor him for the 13 seasons he played in the team, and he opened great value, and I hope to appreciate him in the way that befits him.”“.

On the transfer of Ahmed Hegazy to the Saudi League from the Jeddah Federation gate, Ahmed Hassan said, “Professionalism has become a supply and demand. Strongly, explaining that the player wants to achieve the maximum benefit, and also wants to return to participate mainly, and Hijazi has a leadership personality, and he is one of the distinguished players in the Al-Masak Center.

Hassan added, I see that Osama Galal is a good player and has a future in the Egyptian national team’s defense, and he will not continue in Enppi much.“.

Ahmed Hassan touched on the match between Zamalek and Moroccan Raja, stressing that the meeting between Zamalek and Moroccan Raja will not be postponed again, after the date was set on November 1, in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.. Al-Saqr said, “I do not think that the Zamalek meeting in front of Moroccan hope will be postponed again. If he does not arrive in Egypt to participate in the meeting, he will be considered withdrawn“.

He added that “the African Union is applying double standards. Horia Konakry had 14 players with Corona, and he played against Pyramids in the Confederation.”“. While the AFC eliminated Al Hilal Saudi Club from the AFC Champions League despite all the infections in the team’s ranks with the Corona virus“.

He continued: “Corona continues, and every club must prepare itself, and the issue of postponements will not continue, otherwise all tournaments will be threatened.”“.

He continued: “The most important thing is for Zamalek to qualify and overcome hope, and we all support the two clubs, to reach the final match“.


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