Al-Ahly and Wydad: Direct, moment by moment


Follow the live broadcast, moment by moment, of the Al-Ahly match against Wydad in the semi-finals of the 2020 CAF Champions League, which is being held at the Mohammed V complex in Casablanca.

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Wydad 0 ร— 2 Al-Ahly
Live coverage, moment by moment

Al-Ahly and Wedad

94 ‘The end of the second half and the match …

93 ‘Afsha takes the ball with a quick rebound, then passes it to Geraldo, who sends a shot that crashes into the defense.

90 ‘The referee adds 4 minutes in calculated time instead of wasted

87 ‘A cross from the right, through the blacksmith, passes from everyone to a goal kick.

85 ‘Ahmed Al Sheikh enters instead of Al Shahat.

83 ‘Timidly attempts by Wydad to reach Al-Ahly’s falling goal well.

77 ‘Kazadi enters instead of Awok, and Hamza Asir enters instead of Abdul Latif Nuseir.

76 ‘Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookwookwook the ball until it reaches the right of the arc of the penalty area, then sends a shot drop by Al-Shenawi brilliantly.

75 ‘A Seriai rebound to Al-Ahly, with a start from Geraldo, who sends a cross from the left, Ajay tames her in the penalty area and then paves the ball for the next one, but the defense is closer to the ball.

71 ‘Geraldo enters the place of Marawan Mohsen

70 ‘Oooooooooooooooo .. Al-Haddad sent a shot from in front of the penalty area around Hani and Galat Al-Shennawi, but Ibrahim left the ball and dispersed it.

68 ‘Khateeyeeyeeyeh for Al-Ahly with a cross from the right that Marwan meets on his chest, then sends a powerful shot that goes out high into a goal kick.

63 ‘Zuhair Al Marji and Sheikh Kumara enter instead of Niqash and Gbagbo.

62 ‘Aloulou took the penalty kick to the right of Tknawty, who flew to the other side, and the ball crossed the net.

62 ‘Secondly, to my family, through what is being said …

60 ‘Ajay entered the ball to the left of the penalty area, then joined and sent a shot that Najmuddin intercepted with his hand, so the referee called a penalty

60 ‘A penalty kick for Al-Ahly …

57 ‘Al-Shahat launched the ball from the center of the field and was alone with the goalkeeper, then sent an Aryeh shot that was deftly removed by Al-Tknawty.

57 ‘Oh my Lord … The second goal of Al-Ahly is lost.

49 ‘My lines for Al-Ahly are crossed from the right through Al-Shahat. Gebran accidentally turns it into his own goal, but Al-Tknawtyi is alert.

46 ‘The beginning of the second half …

Aliyu Diang exits and enters instead of Hamdi Fathy …

Badr two walls enter instead of the gift of God …

49’End of the first half of the match …

47 ‘Al-Shahat turns the ball in front of the left of the penalty area, then passes it to Ajay, who tries to shoot, but the defense disperses the ball.

43 ‘Awok took the penalty kick to the right of Al-Shennawi, who flew to her and removed it.

43 ‘Oooooooooooooo … Al-Shenawi shines and blocks the penalty kick.

43 ‘The referee confirms the correctness of the penalty kick, and pending execution …

41 ‘The referee stops the execution and goes to watch the video …

39 ‘Between Wydad, Gbagbo starts off for her and touches the ball in front of El Shennawi, who joins him, so the striker falls and the referee signals a penalty …

39 ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaa penalty kick to WADAD ….

39 ‘Al-Hadaaaaaaad gets a ball to the left of the Al-Ahly penalty area, and sends a long pass shot to a goal kick.

38 ‘Oh my Lord … a dangerous front for Al-Wadad who reaches the ball on the right-hand post of Al-Shennawi, and sends a shot that comes out not well.

37 ‘Al Shahat sent a cross from the right, around Ajay with his heel from inside the penalty area to outside, and Afsha met her with a powerful shot that went out high into a goal kick.

37 ‘The second opportunity is lost on the slopes …

36 ‘A siege of Al-Wadad on Al-Ahly in the meantime, and the giant is waiting for the apostates.

31 ‘Aaaaaaaad breaks the siege and the ball reaches Gbagbo, who sends a ground shot in front of the right of the penalty area, but Al-Shenawi is easy.

31 ‘Ahlawy pressed in the meantime in search of the second.

29 ‘A Seriei Yeeya rebound to Al-Ahly, starting from Maaloul, who sends a cross from the left looking for Marwan Mohsen, but the debate puts his foot on the ball.

28 ‘Alowooooooooo plays a ball to the left of the penalty area with a cross from Marawan, then sends a high and long exit shot to a goal kick.

This is how Al-Ahly players celebrated the first goal, so should they celebrate again or Wydad again …

25 ‘Marwa sends a shot from in front of the penalty area, which passes to a goal kick off the edge of the bar.

24 ‘My lines for Al-Ahly cross from the left through Aloulou, passing by everyone and reaching Al-Shahat, who sends a ground cross from the left post, which Al-Nknaouti pushes away with his foot.

21 ‘Atiyah Allah gets a yellow card after interfering by catching Al Shahat in the middle of the field.

21 ‘Al-Haddaaaaaad starts with the ball to the left and gets rid of Hani, then sends a cross that turns into the goal and hits the net from the outside.

20 ‘The first yellow card in the match is obtained by Aliu Diang after a strong intervention on Al-Hassouni in the middle of the field.

16 ‘A straight cross from the right, Al-Haddad turns it with his head from the second post to the penalty area arc, where Al-Hassouni sends a shot and then slips, and the ball passes to a goal kick from the left of El-Shennawi.

16 ‘Wydadโ€™s two steps through a cross from a free kick from the right, taken by the ball, but El-Shenawi is higher than everyone else.

12 ‘A siege that Wydad strikes Al-Ahly in the meantime, but the rebounds of the Red Genie remain dangerous.

9 ‘Wydadโ€™s handwriting, with a cross from a corner from the left through the ball, confused the Al-Ahly defense and reached Mogby, who diverted the ball to the goal, but El-Shenawi is on time

8 ‘A foul by Wydad from the left was executed by Al-Hassouni with a high-pass shot from El-Shenawi’s goal.

6 ‘Ahlawiyya control over the course of the meeting despite Al-Ahly progress, and a state of confusion among the landowners.

Al-Ahly goal in the fourth minute of the match …

4 ‘A defensive error from Gibran caused the ball to reach Fash, who was alone with the Tknouti goalkeeper, then sent a shot that went into the net from his left.

4 ‘Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool to Al Ahly through Muhammad Majdi Afsha …

1 ‘The whistle at the start of the first half and the match …

Al Ahly Formation:

Coach Mosimane appears with the following formation …

Formation | 4-3-3

Mohammed Al Shinnawy
Ali Maaloul – Ayman Ashraf – Yasser Ibrahim – Muhammad Hani
Amr Al-Soulia – Aliou Diang
Junior Ajay – Muhammad Majdi Afsha – Hussein Al Shahat
Marwan Mohsen

The substitutes: Ali Lotfi – Ahmed Fathy – Hamdi Fathy – Walid Suleiman – Geraldo – Ahmed El Sheikh – Aliu Badji.

Formation of Wydad:

Coach Jamundi starts with the next formation …

Formation | 3-4-3

Reza Al-Taknawi
Ibrahim Najm al-Din – Yahya Atiyah Allah – Abd al-Latif Nusir
Ibrahim Al-Naqqah – Ayman Al-Hassouni – Walid Al-Karti – Yahya Gibran
Ismail Al-Haddad – Gbagbo Majbi – Badie Awok

The match was scheduled to take place at the beginning of last May, but after the outbreak of the Corona virus all over the world and the African continent, the tournament stopped and only came back with a match. Ahly ูˆุงู„ูˆุฏุงุฏ In the semi-final go.

Qualified Ahly As a runner-up in the second group behind Esperance after collecting 11 points, then he took revenge from Sundowns in the quarter-finals and won with him the first leg with two clean goals, and tied with him home with one goal to the same.

begin Alahli football club His journey on African Champions League By crushing a team, Berra from South Sudan, with thirteen clean goals in the first-leg matches in the preliminary round, then surpassed Kano Sport in the first round with six clean goals in the home and away matches as well.

Maximum love Nouadhibou Club from the first round with a total of 6-1 results, then qualified for the third group behind Mamelodi Sundowns after collecting 9 points, before surpassing Esperance in the quarter-finals with a total of 2-1 results.

Dear followers, welcome to the written broadcast provided by the Goal website of the Al-Ahly and Wydad match in the first leg of the 2020 CAF Champions League semi-finals, which will be held at the Mohammed V complex in Casablanca


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