Al-Ahly coach from the stadium to the airport … the reason is a “thorny question.”


Wafaz Ahly On the arsenal with two goals to one in the round of 16 of the tournament, Wednesday, but the Swiss coach Renee Fyler He was in the spotlight, during and after the match, given his imminent departure from the Red Giant.

Fyler sparked a storm of controversy in recent days after it was reported that he wanted to leave the team that he had recently led to the title. Egyptian LeagueDays before a tough African confrontation against Moroccan Wydad in the Champions League semi-finals.

For days, questions followed The media in a Egypt About the fate of Fyler, and does he invoke family obligations that require his travel to implement his real desire to leave, or does he really need a family leave in a very sensitive period of the football season.

But Fyler’s position was “almost” settled in the last hours, after almost certain news of Al-Ahly’s management contracting with the South African coach. Pitso Mosimane To assume his responsibility during the coming days.

While the selection of the first African coach to the most successful Egyptian club was a great surprise, an exciting scene from the Fyler Championship was taking place in the “Al-Ahly Wei Peace” stadium in the east. Cairo.

During what will likely be his last press conference in Egypt, Fyler abruptly withdrew leaving the place, after a question about his departure from Al-Ahly.

According to the Cairo-based “Vilgol” website, Fyler began speaking at the press conference, saying: “I will only answer questions related to the match and I do not want any questions outside the match.”

However, following the first question directed to the Swiss coach about the reason for his “real” departure from Al-Ahly, the coach left the press conference and left the room quickly.

Fyler went directly from the stadium to his hotel in Cairo to collect his personal belongings, before heading to Cairo airport Accompanied by Thomas Pinkell, Al-Ahly pregnancy coach.

According to Villegol, the Swiss coach recently felt “shocked” by “the way he left, and Al-Ahly officials did not understand his desire to take a special leave to see his family as his desire was to continue, and he also does not know why the administration insisted on its position and considered that he was looking to leave.” “.

But the site also noted that the coach left a large part of his personal belongings on Hotel accommodationAnd he only carried a small bag, indicating his intention to return to Cairo again ..!


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