Al-Ahly Planning Committee meets with Musimane after the Wydad match


The planning committee for the ball of the Al-Ahly club will hold a session with the South African coach Pitso Mosimane, the coach of the team after the Moroccan Wydad match scheduled for 9 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, at the Cairo Stadium in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, and the committee wants to discuss several football files for the team, the coach of the South An African, who took charge of coaching the team early this October.

The committee chaired by Mohsen Salih and whose membership includes Zakaria Nassef is looking forward to getting acquainted with Musimani’s point of view on some of the special matters that the club needs to finish, but it was agreed to postpone until after the two round-and-return matches in front of the Moroccan champion in order to hold this session, which will be attended by Mahmoud Al-Khatib President Al-Ahly And the supervisor of the ball, and Al-Ahly decided the first-leg match in his favor last Saturday in Morocco by winning a clean broadcast, and Al Ahmar wishes to officially advance to the final of the tournament next Friday.

The Al-Ahly medical device has allocated a hydrotherapy program for the midfielder, Karim Nedved, for his current performance within the framework of the device’s plan to treat the player from the injury he recently suffered in the knee, and Nedved is currently performing part of his rehabilitation program, which includes running water and sand exercises in order to equip him For the next stage.

Karim Nedved had recently performed a knee cartilage surgery, which is the third surgery performed by the player during the last period after a long absence of nearly 18 months due to more than one surgery in the knee area.

The medical device is monitoring the improvement of the player’s condition in order to ensure that he is ready to push him into a new stage of qualifying training by running around the stadium during the next few days in the framework of preparing it for the next phase and gradually returning to the team’s collective training.

And in previous statements he said Nedved cream He is taking regular steps towards returning to the stadiums again after a long absence due to injury, explaining: “Happy to be crowned in the league, we achieved an important tournament and the first goal we reached this season, and our second goal is the African coronation.”


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