Al-Ahly TV comments on the “gloating” of the club’s fans over the loss of Pyramids


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Journalist Ibrahim El-Mounisi said that he received many phone messages from some Egyptian football fans before he appeared to present the program “King and Writing” on the Al-Ahly channel, asking him about the reason for the Red Club supporters’ joy about the loss of the Confederation title by Pyramids.

Adly Al-Qai’i, the contracting advisor at Al-Ahly Club, responded on the club’s official channel screen: “The masses have the right that no one leads them to their whims.”

Al-Qai’i continued: “All the atmosphere was in favor of Nahdet Berkane’s victory in the title in terms of holding the match in Morocco and the arbitration injustice that befell Pyramids.”

He explained: “Perhaps some of the provocations that the Al-Ahly fans have been exposed to, including officials and media, have pushed them to show joy in losing Pyramids.”

He ended his statements: “People responsible for sedition have always sparked crises in the past between Al-Ahly and Al-Masry, as well as Al-Ismaily and Alan Pyramids, and their desire to export crises between Al-Ahly and the rest of the clubs.”

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