Al-Attal calls on the Attorney General to prevent Mortada Mansour from traveling … and to seize his money


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Hany Al-Attal, Vice President of Zamalek, submitted a request to the Attorney General demanding that Mortada Mansour be prevented from traveling abroad and withholding his money, because the club president committed several violations, including facilitating the seizure of public money, insulting and slandering.

On October 4, the Olympic Committee announced that the president of Zamalek Club was banned for 4 years from practicing any sporting activity, after several violations attributed to him were proven, and it requested elections for a replacement president.

The committee fined the president of Zamalek 100 thousand Egyptian pounds after investigating complaints submitted by several sports figures “all of them are harmed by the president of Zamalek club who insulted them, slandered them and insulted them and the sports institutions they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he directed from its sports role.

The committee considered that Murtaza Mansour’s violations constituted a “blatant violation of the Egyptian and international constitution, laws and charters, which has become a relay for the demolition of sporting values ​​and ideals and a waste of the sublime meanings that civilized nations gain from sport.”

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