Al-Baz reveals new information about Ghada Najib, wife of the fugitive Hisham Abdullah


Dr. Mohamed El-Baz, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of “Al-Dustour” newspaper, revealed new information about Ghada Najeeb, wife of the fugitive Hisham Abdullah.

He added, during his program “Akher Al-Nahar” broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” channel, that Ghada Naguib, who is called “the mother of the revolution”, is a woman who is not Egyptian, but is a Syrian. She married Hisham and got Egyptian nationality, pointing out that Her name is Ghada Mohamed Naguib Sheikh Jamil.

He continued: “She is a Syrian girl who came to Egypt and took the nationality, and then she looks at the country, so that you have to go around behind this people, because there is complete hatred in their hearts against Egypt.”

“Al-Baz” pointed out that a person named Khaled Al-Tamimi wrote on his page that Ibn Hisham Abdullah Al-Kabir was, in fact, his son.

He appealed to Hisham Abdullah and Ghada Naguib, to conduct an analysis.DNAAnd to simply get out the papers, and deny the words of Khaled Al-Tamimi, if he was right.

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