Al-Falhous, the Brotherhood, is a process full of failure in the life of the fugitive Muhammad Nasser


A catastrophic failure in the march of the Brotherhood fugitive Muhammad Nasser, the presenter of one of the programs on the Mukameleen terrorist screen, and the always famous for Al-Falhous, always appears on the screen except to continue spreading lies and constant humiliation in order to assume the role of a conscious intellectual, which the terrorist group uses through its platforms to attack state institutions through Misinformation and historical facts cut from their context and spreading lies.

The fugitive broadcaster Mohamed Nasser began his life with failure in high school until he accidentally joined the sculpture department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, after which he practiced the profession of celebrating the wedding before his appearance on the terrorist Brotherhood channels inciting against Egypt to sell himself to the demons of the Brotherhood, where he got a total of 50% that prevented him from joining In one of the colleges, for chance to play an important role in his life, as he opened the Sculpture Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, for the first time, and a large number of this section did not apply, at that time he had the opportunity to join according to the words of his brother Muhammad Tariq Ali.

The failure that followed Muhammad Nasser during his work as a wedding singer caused him to leave the profession and try to join a singing team called Awtar Masri, but he did not last long to continue the journey of failure in singing as he worked as a songwriter, but he only composed a few songs and also fails in that profession.

Al-Falhous Muhammad Nasser began his rise within the Brotherhood through the group’s recruitment of him to write reports on the media people who attack the group and monitor this attack and prepare weekly reports that were sent to the Guidance Office to get closer to the group and trust the organization and begin the journey of planning the rise of Muhammad Nasser on the Brotherhood’s channels. The beginning of his rise in the group’s media, the organization received a major blow after the fall of its rule in the June 30 revolution.


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