Al-Fishawi kisses and Ranias audacious dress … the most prominent scenes of the last El Gouna Festival


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El Gouna, third session

The El Gouna Film Festival management is preparing to launch the fourth session of the festival’s activities, as the festival’s press conference was launched today, in one of the major hotels in Cairo, in the presence of the able artist Yousra and the artist Bushra, to announce the details of the fourth session, where they were accompanied by Eng. Naguib Sawiris, founder of the festival. And Nechal Al Tamimi, director of the festival, and Amr Mansi, co-founder and executive advisor of the festival.

Before the start of the fourth session, “Hen” lists in the following lines the most prominent scenes of the El Gouna Festival last session.

Kisses and hugs Ahmed Al-Fishawi

As usual, artist Ahmed El-Fishawy was keen to accompany his wife, Nada Kamel, to the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival.

Al-Fishawi and his wife caught the attention of the “Red Carpet”, where he kissed her more than once in front of the media, and Nada appeared with a decent look, as she wore a long white dress with sleeves.

Mohamed Farraj announced his engagement

Artist Mohamed Farraj announced his engagement to the young artist Basant Shawky, on the sidelines of his attendance at the opening ceremony of the third session of the El Gouna Film Festival, in their first appearance after announcing their engagement, and they appeared on the red carpet while embracing her.

Hollywood slot .. champion of female artists’ dresses

The “Hollywood hole” occupied the scene at the El Gouna Film Festival, where many actresses competed to appear in long dresses with a slit from the side or from the front that protruded their legs, and despite the different colors and designs of dresses with openings, all artists compete to wear such designs.

Rania Youssef in a daring dress

As for the artist, Rania Youssef, who appeared with a look that caught her eye, as she wore an open dress, oily color, distinguished by its multiple openings, as it was with an open back, and with the Hollywood opening that revealed her whole leg, as she always intended to provoke controversy with her looks, especially after her appearance “without lining” last year.

Despite their divorce, Sherry Adel accompanies Moez Masoud

One of the most prominent scenes during the festival was the appearance of the artist Sherry Adel, accompanied by her ex-husband, the Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, during the festival, which revealed the harmony between them.

The artist, Sherry, appeared in a modest, black, long, sleeved dress, with wavy hair, and she appeared in a calm earthen makeup that showed the calmness of her features.

And the management of the El Gouna Film Festival announced, in its fourth session, that the artist Khaled El Sawy and the artist Ansi Abu Seif were awarded the Creative Achievement Award, in appreciation of their work and their cinematic journey full of many distinguished works.

The El Gouna Film Festival announced the program of the Short Film Competition in its fourth session.

The program includes films from France, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as Norway, Macedonia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.


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