Al-Jaysh Al-Jaish guarantees to remain in the Premier League after winning the clearing with a “video”


The Al-Jaysh team guaranteed to stay in the Egyptian Premier League championship, after achieving victory over the clearing Egypt, with an unanswered goal, in the match that brought them together this evening, Saturday, at the Military Sports Authority Stadium, within the closing competitions of the thirty-second round, and the confrontation witnessed difficulty for the two teams as they entered it Al-Talaie after a two-goal draw with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria for each team in the final round of the competition, while the Fayoumi team from Pyramids lost by three to two in the same round.

Karim Tariq, the player Karim Tariq, scored the winning goal of Al-Talaa’s victory and snatched three precious points from the Fayoumi team.

With this victory, Al-Talaei’s score rises to 38 points in tenth place in the league table, after playing 32 games, winning 8, drawing 14, losing 10 matches, scoring 31 goals and receiving 34 goals, while Egypt Al-Maqsa ranks seventh with 40 points after playing 32 matches he won In 10 matches, he drew in their ideals, lost 12 matches, and his players scored 40 goals and conceded 38 goals.

The formation of the Vanguards of the Army came as follows :Muhammad Bassam, Ahmed Hani, Ahmed Sami, Ali Al-Fil, Muhammad Nasif, Muhannad Lashin, Ahmed Kaborya, Ahmed Samir, Frank Njunga, Karim Tariq, Nasser Mansi.

The clearing formation included: Mahmoud Hamdy in the goalkeeping, and in the defense, Ahmed Yassin, Muhammad Dabash, Ahmed Mohsen, Hosni Fathy, and in the middle, Salah Rikku, Mustafa Shabita, Muhammad Ibrahim, Shamilis Buckley, Muhammad Massad, and in the attack Salah Amin.


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