Al-Khamisi’s meeting reveals her mother’s nationality: “I got married from his family.”


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The artist spoke to meet Al-Khamisi about her mother’s nationality, during her attendance at the current El Gouna Film Festival, explaining that her father met her mother during his travel periods to Iraq, as she is Iraqi, explaining that she loved the father and refused to marry her clan as was the custom at the time of their marriage. That her mother broke her family laws, defying everyone because of her love for her father.

“My mother is not Egyptian, Iraqi-Assyrian, and Papa Mama, you got to know each other in Iraq, I mean, Pope was in Iraq, and I got to know Mama there and get married, they loved each other, of course,” the artist said about her mother on the program “2 Women and a Man”.

“Al-Khamisi” continued her speech, and responded to the question of the presenter of the program, Sherihan Abu al-Hassan: “She loved him so much that she agreed to leave her country and decided to live in Egypt?”, Saying: “Her people do not agree, because of course the Assyrians do not want to marry some of the Assyrians who work like the same. The Pharaohs want offspring preferably complementary ».

And she continued: “But Mama accepted to marry someone from the righteousness of the clan, and it was quarrelsome, and she challenged every need because of a father.” While the artist denied knowing the reasons for her father’s naming of her as “meeting”, indicating that the name may be due to the meeting between his father and her mother in Iraq, and commenting: “I am asked about my name and the reason for naming, but it is possible for them to meet each other.”

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