Al-Masry Light / 6 nicknames obtained by a “famous seductress” Moroccan before her insulting Egyptian women: an artist described her as “an indecent”


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Ibtisam Moumni is the beauty queen who topped the search engines after making insulting statements about Egyptian women after the Egyptian campaign succeeded in canceling a concert by Saad Mere in Egypt.

Moumni said through her account on “Instagram”: “I mean, you think the artist Saad, just because the party will harass your daughters, and they are like men.” Many Egyptians attacked Miss Morocco.

The “Cairo Show” company decided to cancel the concert of Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred in Egypt, out of respect for the desire of the public. An official source in the company told “et Arabiya” that it had decided to officially cancel Saad Lamjarred concert in Egypt, in respect of the public’s wish, after the company removed the party posters from its social media accounts, and after the ceremony was canceled, “just” published a picture of him on his account He wrote: “Nothing shakes the smile of the heart, I love my fans, I love my family,” and attached it to my knowledge of Egypt and Morocco.

In the following lines there are 6 strangest information that the Egyptians do not know about Moumni:

6. «Nugra»

That title was given by the famous Moroccan artist, Naima Elias, to Ibtisam Moumni, and was reported by Moroccan media about her, and this came as a comment on Moumni’s behavior.

5. “Lookalike Ibtisam shut up”

A nickname given to her by her followers on the social networking site Instagram, and Moroccan newspapers reported it to introduce her, especially since Ibtisam silence a famous Moroccan singer who participated in Arab Idol season two.

4. «The submerged artist»

A title that Ibtisam Moumni acquired during her participation, which sparked widespread controversy for the Marrakech International Festival, and critics questioned the reason for her attendance.

3. “Seductive Fame”

Another title she acquired after her first clip, during which she deliberately appeared with features similar to the Arab Idol star, Ibtisam Shut Up, and the clip bore the title “Khud Lake Shooka”.

2. “The Kaftan Girl”

She tried to cause a crisis with Algeria known as the “Moroccan caftan”, where she attacked an Algerian model for describing the caftan as not only Moroccan.

1. ‘False’

She got this title after publishing a fake conversation, according to her followers, with a girl who decided to commit suicide and sent her suicide pictures, but the incident was not published and was not confirmed, and then Moumni disappeared under the pretext that her husband asked her to close her accounts on the communication sites.


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