Al-Saqqa: I am tired of rumors about my relationship with my wife … and their occupation is solving many problems


The artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, said that he was tired of the rumors that spread about his relationship with his wife Maha Al-Saghir.Al-Sakka added, during his meeting with the media Wafa al-Kilani, in the first episode of the (Sira) program broadcast on the DMC satellite channel, that these rumors were like the fire that they were able to extinguish and nothing remained of it but smoke, adding: “Every house in the world has problems and the world. Without a struggle, there will be no drama. ”

He continued: “We liked her and I, and cursed us, and we were careless, and there are no more halal children who hunted in the murky water,” adding that God is his agent in these matters.

Regarding his acquaintance with his wife, “Al-Sakka” said that he met his wife in a personal interview, where she was interviewing him at the American University, and she was conducting a graduation project with him, “I got to the right person and within a year and a half we were in one house.”

He pointed out that his wife’s work as a broadcaster helped solve a large number of their problems. “We have remained a common point where we can always talk,” stressing that he did not have to agree to her decision and that he was studying and supporting her and that there is no person in the world who could force him to do something.

Al-Sakka talked about the shortcomings of early marriage, adding: “If the two do not love each other and understand that they are entering a rip-off journey with some, it will remain a disaster because life is rosy and we love some and life is beautiful, but how to manage it, its positives and negatives, and how I will once be absorbed and you will be absorbed and this must be present in early marriage “.

He explained that he lived love stories during adolescence, ruling out that he could marry his wife again.


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