Al-Sheikh makes a promise to the Al-Ahly couple in response to the “unfair” decision of the Zamalek star


Turki Al-Sheikh interacted with a circulating letter bearing the signature of Ahmed Al-Mirghani, the former star of Zamalek, stating that he would deduct half a month from the salary of a civil employee in a company headed by Mirghani, if Al-Ahly wins the Bedouin of the Champions

Al-Mirghani also promised, according to the letter attributed to him and circulating on social media, to pay a reward to all employees in his company, except for fans of Al-Ahly of Egypt, if Zamalek achieved the title of the African Champions League for this season.

Al-Sheikh makes a promise to the Al-Ahly duo, in response to the decision of the Zamalek star

The head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Al-Sheikh, re-published the circulating speech, through his account on the “Facebook” site, and attached it to a comment: “God willing, Al-Ahly makes us all happy and we win the African Championship, and a financial reward for the Al-Ahly duo, the same as for Al-Ahly players .. Al-Ahly always makes us happy.”

Al-Ahly will be a guest at Moroccan Wydad Casablanca, next Saturday, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, while the second pole of the city of Casablanca, Raja Casablanca, will host Zamalek in the same round competitions.

It should be noted that Al-Sheikh had previously assumed the honorary presidency of Al-Ahly club in the last period, before he resigned from his post, due to problems with the Egyptian team’s board of directors.

Source: Agencies


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