“All with money” .. From here began the story of “Antel Giza”


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Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

18 months ago, a butcher’s phone was packed with obscene pictures and clips that he took of women inside a rented apartment in Al-Barajil area of ​​the Oseem Center, with whom he became “Antel Giza” after uncovering the hidden.

The forty-year-old was not satisfied with what God had divided in the abundance of livelihood through his work in the butchery profession, and a quiet family that included his wife and 3 children, the eldest of whom was a 13-year-old girl.

The butcher sought to satisfy his satanic whims, and took advantage of his daily dealings with the women who frequent the shop to buy meat to set his nets for prey.

With the success of the first steps, Al-Arbeeny moved to the second stage by providing a place to meet his victims, and he chose a rented apartment in Al-Barajil area separated by a distance from his residence for fear of revealing his matter.

The man did not bother to provide furniture for the apartment, which was devoid of any household movables except for a “mattress” in one of the rooms, so it became a den for having sex with his victims in return for a sum of money.

That was the beginning, but the women did not know what was being woven for them in secret. Al-Jazzar took advantage of the preoccupation of his victims and took pictures and videos of them in disgraceful situations, which he used as a weapon to threaten or blackmail them if any of them refused to have sex with him over and over.

Early this October, the security follow-up at the Giza Security Directorate monitored the circulation of explicit video clips of a person practicing vice with some women, and their traders claimed that they were a valuable person in the Oseem Center.

A research team headed by Brigadier General Amr Talaat, head of the northern sector, and with the participation of Colonel Ahmed Al-Waili, inspector of the sector, examined the incident for fear of exacerbating matters.

In less than 24 hours, the search and investigation efforts led by Major Muhammad Magdy, Chief of the Oseem Investigation Department, reached the identity of that person, and that he was called “Ezz.A.A.P.” 40 years old, Barajeel resident butcher, 16 video clips were monitored, and 9 women were reached.

After the legalization of the procedures, an inspectorate led by Major Walid Kamal, head of Al-Barajeel Point, was able to control the complainant, and take him to the department’s office for investigation.

Steadily and calmly, the butcher stood indifferent, bearing an unknown fate awaiting him, and an outcry of anger that was almost consuming green and everything in the simple village, justifying what “Kevi Al-Niswan” did, denying forcing any of his victims to have sex “all with their consent and money.”

A video clip of no more than a minute duration, circulated by social media users under the title “The moment of seizing Antel Giza”. The investigation and technical examination revealed that 6 months ago, the people of the region had previously known about the butcher’s abnormal actions and their attempt to deter him, but to no avail, until the events exacerbated the circulation of these clips to be seized .

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up, and Major General Tariq Marzouq, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution, which began the investigation.

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