Allocating a window and a clinic for the elderly in the units of the comprehensive health insurance system


The new comprehensive health ionization system said that a window and a medical clinic were designated for the elderly in all units of the system to facilitate the elderly beneficiaries, indicating that they receive all services quickly in order to ensure their health conditions.

The Comprehensive Health Insurance Project Administration announced the registration of more than 3 million citizens in the governorates of the first phase of the system, which includes 6 governorates, namely, “Luxor, Ismailia, Aswan, South Sinai and Suez,” in addition to Port Said Governorate, which began trial operation since July 2019.

She explained that during the period from October 2019 until now, 603,000 citizens were registered in Port Said Governorate, 800,000 citizens in Luxor Governorate, 920,000 citizens in Ismailia Governorate, 548,000 citizens in Aswan Governorate, 176.5,000 citizens in Suez Governorate, in addition to 78,000 citizens in the governorate. South Sinai, pointing out that the documents required to register with the comprehensive health insurance system are the national number card and computerized birth certificates, as for children, birth certificates are used only, as registration is available in health units and centers according to each geographical area to which the place of residence belongs.

The registration procedures in the system begin when the family goes to the health unit or center to which the family belongs or is closest to the place of residence to record the data, provided that family members have national ID cards, birth certificates for children or a copy of them, and after recording the data, a family file will be opened for the family After that, a comprehensive medical examination is performed or an appropriate date is set to conduct it, to check on all family members.


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