American heroine of a Syrian tragedy .. The movie “Aleppo” arouses the anger of viewers


The American film “Aleppo” is expected to present (Aleppo) Stories about the ancient city in the midst of the Syrian war, signed by Brazilian director David Schuurman, and produced by “MiLu Entertainment” in Los Angeles, USA, and the starring role is played by American actress Olivia Moon.

The film tells a story that brings together an American journalist from the United Nations and a Syrian child from the city of Aleppo, whose mother and sister were killed by bombing a market, where his father decided to send him to Turkey. In search of a better life away from gunfire and aircraft.

Fate gathered the fugitive Aleppian child with the American journalist, and the two tried to escape the hell of bombing and war by going out to Turkish territory, at a time when they faced enormous dangers on the road. Passing through the desert and ISIS-controlled areas in the countryside of Aleppo (northern Syria).

Brave Syrians

However, the announcement of “Aleppo” was met with harsh criticism and accusations of marginalizing the Syrians and their cause in the search for freedom and salvation from injustice, in favor of a Western character in the film played by the American actress Olivia Moon.

Activists criticized the film’s focus on the journalist’s personality and showing her as a hero, at the expense of one of the biggest tragedies that befell Syria, where the city of Aleppo was destroyed, its residents were displaced and thousands were killed and wounded, in a fierce military campaign by the regime and its ally Russia at the end of 2016, after residents of the eastern neighborhoods insisted on rejecting the rule of the Syrian regime. Over 4 years of bombing and siege.

Followers accuse the film of ignoring the heroics of the Syrian people in Aleppo, as civilians faced the barrel bombs that were described as the fiercest weapon that violates all the prohibitions of war and military combat, while the regime struck the residents of the city with a suffocating siege by closing the crossings and preventing the entry of food and drink for thousands there.

The Australian researcher for “Human Rights Watch” Sophie MacLean criticized the announcement of the film with a tweet in which she said, “First, there is no such thing as a journalist from the United Nations, and secondly, there was no United Nations in those last terrifying months in Aleppo, and the only journalists were Syrians.” “.

“How can any movie about Aleppo focus on anyone except the brave Syrians … Who writes this nonsense?”

While the Syrian media, on the American National Public Radio, Nada Homsi sarcastically tweeted from the role of the heroine, saying, “Hello Hollywood, I am a Syrian and a journalist and I would like to become a movie star, and the same is true for many other Syrians, as well as United Nations journalists, who hired us.” A reference to Olivia Munn who was a journalist before becoming a movie actress.

The Resurrection of Aleppo

The Syrian city of Aleppo and its tragedy in the midst of the war did not get enough light and storytelling, and the story of the destruction of one of the oldest cities in the world and the displacement of its inhabitants by the Syrian regime and Russia remained among the actions that count on the fingers, the most prominent of which was the last of the men in Aleppo, To Sama, and Goodbye to Aleppo.

The surviving residents describe that the last months of 2016 witnessed what they called the “Resurrection of Aleppo”, where artillery shells and rockets were raining down on the rest of the remaining neighborhoods in the hands of the armed Syrian opposition in Aleppo, and the regime was advancing on the ground supported by thousands of militia members, where hope was diminishing with the fall Every neighborhood.

The steadfastness of the population inspired the entire world, and at that time Aleppo became the talk of the media, amid demonstrations swept across the world to demand the city and its grieving residents who are facing a major massacre at the hands of the regime.

Only most of the old and eastern neighborhoods of the city were piles of rubble and stone over this tragedy, as a settlement was concluded to hand over Aleppo to the Syrian regime, provided that the besieged civilians and fighters would leave their homes towards the western countryside of the city.


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