Amr Al-Soulia was sent off at the end of the first half against Pyramids .. Video


The most famous referee, Mahmoud Al-Banna, the red card of Amr Al-Soliya, the midfielder of Al-Ahly, called for violently interfering with the Pyramids player, after returning to the mouse technique, at the end of the first half of the match that they are currently gathering at Cairo International Stadium, in the 33rd round of the Premier League competition. And the Red Genie seeks to achieve more records, after its success in clinching the league championship title for the 42nd time in its history, to continue its uniqueness in recording numbers and to sit on top of the Egyptian ball, and after his success in the early settlement of the league championship this season, before the end of the competition with 7 full rounds Pyramids also seeks to win and collect three points to snatch second place from Zamalek.

The formation of Al-Ahly came as follows: – Goalkeeper: Ali Lotfi, defensive line: Mohamed Hani – Hamdi Fathy – Yasser Ibrahim – Ahmed Fathi, midfield: Aliu Diang – Amr Al-Soulia – Mohamed Majdi “Afsha” – Hussein Al-Shahat, offensive line: Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” – Junior Ajay.

Substitutes: – Mustafa Schubert – Salih Jumaa – Walid Suleiman – Ali Badji – Ahmed El Sheikh – Shady Radwan – Muhammad Shukry – Arabi Badr – Muhammad Fakhry.

The formation of Pyramids came as follows: – Mahdi Suleiman in goalkeeping, defense .. Ahmed Ayman Mansour, Abdullah Bakri, Mohamed Hamdy, Ahmed Tawfiq, Al Wasat .. Mahmoud Hamada, Nabil Imad Dunga, Ibrahim Adel, Muhammad Farouk, Abdullah Al-Saeed Attack .. John Antwi.

Substitutes: – Ahmed Daadour, Omar Jaber, Ali Jaber, Islam Issa, Tariq Taha, Ibrahim Hassan, Muhammad Atwa, Dudu Al-Jabbas, Muhammad Fathy.

Al-Ahly will enter the Pyramids match at the top of the league with 85 points, while Pyramids are second with 63, and after them Zamalek, who is third with 62 points..Al-Ahly achieved 27 wins, 4 draws and one defeat, and visited the competitors’ net 71 times and shook its net 8 times, while Pyramids won In 19 matches, he drew 6 matches, lost 7, scored 52 goals, and conceded 31 goals.


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