Amr Diab sings “Atmosphere is Beautiful” for the first time at the end of “El Gouna Film” (video)


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The Mega Star Amr Diab revived the closing ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival, which was held yesterday evening after the awarding of prizes for the fourth session competitions, which was held at the El Gouna Convention and Culture Center.

During the ceremony, Amr presented a variety of his most prominent songs, including “Mayal, Places of Night, and Habibi Ya Nour Al-Ain and the Tower of Pisces, Qamarine”.

The surprise was when Amr sang for the first time his latest song «Joe Jameel», which he released yesterday, and Amr was hesitant at first to include this song in the concert songs, because he did not save it as well as the band as he said, but at the request of the audience he was forced to sing it once with the band and another On the drum only.

Amr Diab succeeded in igniting the enthusiasm of the El Gouna Festival guests, who sang and danced with him for more than an hour and a half.

On Friday, the festival management distributed prizes for the fourth edition of the competition, which will be closed on Saturday, after the winning films were shown again to the guests.

The Bosnian film “Where are you going, Aida” won the Golden Award for feature films.

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