An urgent decision regarding the fate of the brother of “Baby Toukh,” who died of starvation due to the neglect of his parents


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Sabry Othman, director of the helpline at the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, confirmed that the council is following up the case of the death of a baby Tookh in Qalyubia, who was left by his father for 9 days at home alone without food or drink until he died of starvation, indicating that all legal measures will be taken so that the parents obtain their deterrent punishment as a penalty for what they have done .

“Othman” added in press statements that the National Council for Childhood had obtained a pledge from the grandmother of Toukh’s infant, who died of starvation, so that her other grandson, Marwan, “the brother of the deceased infant,” would be placed in her custody and under her care, instead of placing Badr in care to protect the child.

The Toukh Police Station Prosecutor decided to imprison both “A.H.” 28, a worker, and his wife, “UH,” 24, a housewife, for 4 days, pending investigations, for causing the death of their son, “Anas,” for 4 months after they left him without feeding for 9 full days until he died. Starved.

Brigadier General Tamer Musa, the head of the Toukh Center, received a report from “AAH”, a worker, discovering the death of his son, Anas, 4 months ago, inside the apartment, his residence and the absence of his wife, the mother of the child, called “UH,” 24 years old, a housewife. And his overnight stay in his workplace for several consecutive days as a result of those disputes, and upon his return to his home he discovered the death of his son and accused his wife of negligence and leaving their son without care and causing his death.

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