Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with a self-repairing screen


According to “the verge,” Apple wrote in the patent application, that displaying the proposed concept would allow the device to repair itself without the user having to manually intervene.

Also in theory, the foldable self-repair can be activated automatically, for example when the device is being charged or according to a pre-set schedule, and it will use heat, light or electrical current to fix a protective layer on top of the screen.

The patent application also reveals that a virtual machine’s screen cover may contain a layer of elastomer that can lose its shape and restore it to keep the delicate internal workings of the device protected.

In theory, the material of this concept will make the foldable overall screen cover more durable, and Apple’s proposed self-repair feature will add a unique touch to these devices.

There’s no indication that Apple will launch a foldable phone with self-healing materials soon, but foldable phones are something Apple seems to have been working on for years, as other patent applications display mockups of what a foldable iPhone could look like in Case it occurs.


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