Apple repairs 6 malicious applications masquerading as Adobe Flash installer programs


It appears that malicious applications masquerading as installers Adobe Flash It will not disappear forever, as Apple has once again fixed six other such applications, as cybercriminals were able to pass malicious applications for the second time this year through the process of “authentication” Apple, according to reports ZDNet.

The malware went through Apple’s stringent “authentication” process that scans applications for any security issues. Once approved, the built-in security scanning program allows Mac And named “Gatekeeper“Run these applications, as soon as you add them to the whitelist.” GateKeeper Trusted apps can be opened and installed with a simple click, without any warnings or popups.

This certification is mandatory for all applications that want to run on the most recent versions macOS From Apple, like Catalina And Big SurSix new documented applications were presented as flash installers, and, once installed, they were downloading and installing adware OSX / MacOffers.

It is famous OSX / MacOffers With the revision of the victim’s browser search engine, the six malicious apps have now been de-authenticated by Apple, and they demanded Adobe Shut down Flash At the end of the year, I advised people not to download installers Flash.

And for nearly two years, it was Shlayer Trojan It is the most common threat to Apple’s system macOS Basic, and in August, Apple fixed a malware disguised as a software update Adobe Flash Player Which crept through the most powerful security scanning software and won approval for its desktop computers on Mac.


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