Arab and international … heinous crimes that shook public opinion in 2020: their victims are humans and animals (video and photos)


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Many around the world did not hesitate to pour out their anger at the events of 2020, describing it as a sad year, due to the many crises, plagues, problems and wars that happened to it, but in the midst of those curses we find that man was a sinister and ugly hero for many of the crimes that tear up hearts and eyes, No human or animal was spared from it, the relationship of the womb did not intercede, motherhood did not intercede, in stopping those bloody crimes, which prove to everyone that the curse of this earth is nothing but “man”. Here are a number of heinous crimes committed in 2020, the last but not the last The Tigris River crime in Iraq:

I can not breathe

An American policeman killed a young black man in cold blood after he crouched above his neck preventing him from moving, breathing and life. He did not respond to the words of the young George Floyd, the father of a child under ten years old, as he pleaded with him saying to him, “I can not breathe”, as his soul left his body, igniting a wave of anger around the world All of them are calling for an end to the violations of the American police and others around the world against blacks, bearing the banner of a case that is not new and will never become old, which is that black lives have value.

I can't breathe. ”The black man clip shakes the superpower

For what sin was the child maid killed?

A Pakistani girl, under the age of eight, working as an illegally housewife, was killed by her employer in Rawalpindi, for causing a number of parrot birds raised by her operator to escape from her cage, and the girl Zahra had opened the cage for parrots to feed her, but she flew away, according to the authorities Local.

As punishment, her breeder beat her until she lost consciousness, before leaving her in a local hospital, where she died.

According to preliminary investigations conducted by the police, “The victim was brought to the hospital and she was still alive, and she was suffering from wounds on her face, hands, lower chest and legs. She had wounds on her thighs, which indicates the possibility of sexual assault, ”the results of the investigations added.

The most dramatic in this story is that the victim was hired to take care of the child of the employing family, in exchange for payment for her education, according to the police.

Zahra Shah ... a Pakistani child whose life paid the price for freedom "Parrots" Details

The pregnant female elephant and the booby-trapped pineapple

A pregnant elephant died after eating fruit filled with crackers in southern India, according to what local authorities announced last Wednesday, which led to widespread anger, as shown by Sky News.

The female elephant ventured on May 27 and entered a village near Silent Valley National Park in Kerala, looking for food, but she was likely to have eaten a pineapple containing crackers that led to her death.

“The pineapple filled with crackers exploded in her mouth, causing her serious injuries,” said Surendra Kumar, a wildlife conservation official in Kerala.

Two girls huddle a cat

A video clip showed a small cat being tortured by two girls, after tying her with a thread and standing on her, which led to her death.

The hashtag of the cat was the most popular on Twitter, and through the search, the tweeters confirmed that the cat’s video was located in Malaysia, and that the Malaysian police had received a complaint against the girls and demands to arrest them. Immediately, a picture of the cat turned to the most used on the Facebook site, where users expressed They are deeply saddened by her death.

Al-flash - Muslims and monsters torture a cat to death!

He dragged a girl and killed her for robbery

Two people traveling in a microbus with the data of its rear metal plate dirty grabbed the bag of the 25-year-old young woman Maryam, which she clung to while the car was moving, disrupting the balance of the victim. An hour at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the ambulance, and then she died.

Blue boy

The hero of the story is a 16-year-old boy named Saleh, who was received by the Zarqa Hospital in Jordan. He suffers from severe injuries, after he was assaulted by some people after he was taken to a place far from the residents, in retaliation against a relative of the one who committed a previous murder, and they His hands were amputated and his eyes were slapped with sharp tools, in revenge for his currently imprisoned father.

Tigris River crime

A heinous crime shook public opinion in Iraq and the world after a surveillance camera documented a woman throwing her two children in the Tigris River, after being stripped of humanity’s feelings.

Social media leaders shared a video clip, apparently filmed on Friday evening, which documents for a moment the woman throwing her two children in the Tigris River.

The security forces arrested the woman, who, after interrogating her, confessed that she had done it, saying that she had done so due to disagreements with her husband, the father of the two children.

Crime of the Tigris River archives - mona iraqi

She stole her friend’s fetus from inside her gut

An American woman and her unborn daughter died after her friend tried to forcibly steal her fetus from inside her womb.

The British “Mirror” newspaper reported that Reagan Hancock, 22, was about seven months pregnant when she was attacked by her friend that led to her death last Friday. The suspect is said to have pulled the fetus from her friend’s womb and took it to the hospital, where he died later.

Reagan’s mother said that a demon in the form of a human killed her daughter, whose body was discovered in her home in New Boston, Texas.

Let's Rethink the Demeaning Ways We Describe Pregnancy | Time

Cleave his wife’s belly to find out the gender of the fetus

A man cut the belly of his pregnant wife to find out the sex of the fetus, after he was tired of having daughters

“The BBC” reported on the wife’s family that “her husband attacked her because he wanted to know the sex of the fetus.” They stated that the spouses had 5 daughters, and that the husband was exerting pressure on his wife to bear a male.

The husband denied that he had deliberately attacked his wife, and said he threw a sickle at her, but that he did not intend to seriously harm her.

The sister-in-law told local media that the couple often quarreled over the desire to have a male baby.

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