“Attractive and bold” … the most prominent looks of the stars of art on the seventh day of


08:20 PM

Thursday 29 October 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Fashion and dresses are among the things that celebrities are most interested in on the Red Carpet, and the stars appeared on the seventh day of the El Gouna Festival in the fourth session with distinctive looks, and they varied between elegant and unconventional.

In the following pages, Masrawy reviews the most prominent star looks at the festival:

Raniya Yousif:
Rania wore a long blue dress, in a half-stump shout, with a bold cut at the chest area, and a long leg opening, and Rania coordinated with the dress golden shoes and a clutch of the same color, in addition to the golden accessories that she wore in her hand and neck. Degrees of node.

Maryhan Hussain:
Merihan wore a black jumpsuit, with a bold chest cut, and a long leg opening on the sides, and coordinated her look of a silver clutch, with accessories consisting of a collie and a bracelet, and adopted the ponytail.

Zainab Gharib:
The dress was distinguished by its delicate design, with a V-shaped chest, open back, decorated with a belt at the waist in the same color as the dress and with a bold leg opening, Zainab adopted a simple hairstyle, leaving her black hair down, and adopting calm makeup and stark lipstick.

Georgina Tawaf wore a white short dress, coordinated with sunglasses, accessories consisting of a chain and a bracelet, and left her hair hanging down.

Georgina Tawaf:
Georgina Tawaf wore a white short dress, dressed, and coordinated sunglasses, accessories consisting of a chain and a bracelet, and left her hair down.

Farah Dybali:
Farah wore a short dress in a mauve color, embossed with a floral print in white and black colors, decorated with a backstance on one side. Simple hair so left her black hair down, she used calm makeup and bright lipstick.

Salwa Mohammed:
Salwa wore a green short dress, and coordinated with her appearance a golden bag, accessories consisting of a collie, earring and a wristwatch, and adopted the hairstyle of the hair raised up.

Hind Abdel Halim:
Hind wore a long dress consisting of a pocket and a top in silver, and coordinated with her look a black bag and black shoes, and left her hair down.

Logaynn Omran :
She wore a black open chest and a long red pocket decorated with ruffles on the side, and Jane coordinated her look with a black leather clutch, and wore an elegant silver collie, and Jane chose a calm nude makeup, and a brown lipstick, with a simple hairstyle where she left two strands in the front, and collected the rest of her hair. At the back.


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