Attractive and elegant … 15 photos that reveal the elegance of Ivanka Trump on her birthday


Celebrates today Ivanka The daughter of US President Donald Trump, on her 39th birthday, Ivanka is distinguished by her appearance, elegant elegance and graceful figure that gives her an attractive appearance.
Revealed The looks of Ivanka Trump Instagram has to express its high taste in choosing the looks that appear in it, whether on official or private occasions.
Inclined Ivanka Trump To choose classic and formal pieces of clothes that increase her elegance and reveal her grace, as well as Ivankas looks that combine elegance and simplicity and keep from exaggeration.

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Ivanka Trump prefers to choose bright and pastel colors, and she also coordinates bags and valuable shoes that increase her elegance.

The daughter of US President Donald Trump drew attention during her visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a series of looks that combined modesty and simplicity, out of respect for Saudi customs and traditions.

Ivanka Trump relies on simple hairstyles, chooses calm makeup trends, and does not overuse cosmetics, which reveals her beauty.


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